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Hartnell De La Guerra Corporation 

Our mission is to advise, and fund leading edge technology projects for precipitous markets and industry trends which create, new business subsidiaries.                                 



ICE Standard Technologies, subsidiary of Hartnell De la Guerra Corporation

Our mission is to save lives. The goal of the ICE Standard Technologies is to set an official guideline to assist Emergency Response Teams and First Time Responders in gathering important personal and medical information in the event of an emergency.      


Rave Mobile Safety Logo

Rave Mobile Safety

Rave Mobile Safety’s mission is to help save lives and property by better connecting agencies with those they protect. We are the most trusted provider of innovative data and communication software.

Communication technologies and preferences are undergoing a major transformation, and in many cases, the capabilities of agencies entrusted with our safety have not kept up. Rave Mobile Safety’s focus is on providing agencies and those they serve with the best technology for securely connecting with one another.

We are helping protect millions each and every day. Your safety is our business.




Plan Ahead For Any Emergency

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Once you’ve signed up for Smart911, first responders will be aware of important information you have provided that will help Police, Fire, and EMS locate and help you in an emergency.



Project in development.



Project in development.