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Healthcare and Insurance Team

Robert Amjad

Sr. Advisory Board Member – EMT

robert_amjad_emtRobert Amjad is an Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. Robert currently a Emergency Medical Technician for Med-Tech Services where he provides emergency medical first responder support at local venues, such examples are football games, racing events as well as motocross events. Robert also works as a part-time Bartender with the Los Gatos Brewing Company
prior to Los Gatos Brewing Company, Robert was also a Bartender at Bj’s Brewhouse.

Robert is currently attending Mission College, Santa Clara, California where he is taking Fire Science and has completed his Certifications in CPR and AED for the healthcare provider, American Heart Association
and EMT-B with the State of California along with Firefighter 1 Certificate, Classroom Work. Robert’s other Certifications are FEMA IS 700, 800, 100 and 200.


Curtis Fellenz
Advisory Board Member

Curtis FellenzCurtis Fellenz is an Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. Curtis is currently working as a Competitive Sports Supervisor at UC Davis where he is finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Biology. He is very interested in health and exercise and plans to continue his education in graduate school before entering the work force in earnest.

In his free time, Curtis enjoys playing basketball and football, weightlifting, and participating in obstacle course races.




Jenna L. Bonfield
Public Healthcare & State Government
Sr. Advisory Board Member

jenna_may_2011Jenna L. Bonfield is an Senior Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. Bonfield brings 8 years clinical experience and 2 years in public healthcare industry as well. Bonfield is currently a medical examiner with the Hawthorne Police Department in Hawthorne, California. She is also working with VanBrooks Paramedical Examiners, Inc. as a medical examiner and phlebotomist in Southern California. Prior, Bonfield was a medical assistant in women’s health, pediatrics, immunology, and sports medicine, in Sacramento, California, where she counseled, educated, and conducted health exams. Her current field of interest is in public healthcare.

Bonfield is completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Public Health at California State University Los Angeles. She also received certification in Risk Communication from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, a Phlebotomy License from the California Department of Public Health, and a Lay Responder Instructor’s certificate from the American Red Cross.


Shelly L. Brunner
Sr. Advisory Board Member

shelly_brunner_jan_2011Shelly L. Brunner is an Senior Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. Brunner brings 13 years Clinical R&D experience and 2 solid years in the medical device industry as well. Brunner is currently is a Nurse Practitioner with Smooth SF in San Francisco, California. She is also working with Jumpstart Medicine as a Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Trainer in the Bay Area.

Prior to Smooth SF and Jumpstart Medicine, Brunner was a Medical Liaison for Conceptus, Inc., in Mt. View, California, where she coordinated and conducted professional education programs, for both large and small peer groups. She also served as Liaison/Consultant for physicians and sales teams worldwide. Other medical offices and hospitals that Brunner work for were Dang & Pollard MD, in Los Gatos, California, Healtheast, St. Joseph’s Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota and Bellin Hospital, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Brunner received a Master of Science, Certified Nurse Midwife from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also received a Master of Science in Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.

Brunner also has a Certificate in Clinical Trials from USSC.


Lt. Andrea Caplan
USAF Reserve Medical Officer
Sr. Advisory Board Member

andrea_caplan_33Lt. Andrea Caplan is an Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. Lt. Caplan brings 19 years of medical administrative and field medic experience in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. She has been flying as a flight attendant for United Airlines based out of San Francisco International airport for 15 years and recently took a leave of absence to fly as a pilot for a charter company out of the New York City area.

Lt. Caplan fulfills her military obligation one weekend a month at Travis AFB, California as an enlisted member. After establishing herself as an officer Lt. Caplan’s life long goal was to become a commercial pilot and she recently joined a charter company on the east coast offering her training and experience to allow to copilot. Lt. Caplan also volunteers for Angel flights around Northern California.

Lt. Caplan received her Bachelor of Science Cum Laude in Management, Corporate specific from University of Phoenix in residence in Sacramento, California.


Lauren A. Detro
Counseling Psychology M.A. Candidate at Santa Clara University
Sr. Advisory Board Member

lauren_detro_123aLauren Detro is a senior advisory board member with About The Kids Foundation and will be working on The Ekman Co-Parenting Journal being published By

Lauren Detro is a registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern living in Los Altos, California. Interested in health and wellness as a career and as a lifestyle, Lauren received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Exercise and Health Science from UC Santa Barbara, and went on to pursue her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. Lauren graduated from SCU in 2013, and is now pursuing her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Upon licensure, she would like to start her private practice working with adults, adolescents, and couples. In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with friends and family, running races, checking things off her bucket list, and finding a sense of peace and happiness.

As a Senior Advisory Board member for About The Kids Foundation, Lauren seeks to contribute to the overall health and wellness of individuals, couples, and families by increasing awareness of and active participation in one’s own mental and physical well-being.