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Technical & Software Team

Christopher Brignone
CRM Technical Specialist
Advisory Board Member

chris_32Christopher Brignone is an Advisory Board Member and CRM Technical Specialist with About The Kids Foundation. A father of two children, Chris is greatly involved in the development of his children, especially his 6-year-old-son who has just entered first grade in our public school system. Wanting to ensure that his children can find academic tools to help them succeed, Chris is honored to serve on the advisory board of About The Kids Foundation.

Brignone currently works for Oracle Corporation as a Business Systems Administrator for CRM OnDemand Customer Care Organization. Prior to joining Oracle Corporation, he was a Siebel Systems Administrator for FileNet, Inc., located out of Costa Mesa, California.


Christopher Fry
Chief Scientist & Senior Fellow
Sr. Advisory Board Member

advisory_board_christopher_fry_jan_2011Christopher Fry is an Sr. Advisory Board Member, Chief Scientist with About The Kids Foundation. Fry brings more than 28 years of experience as an architect in language development and artificial intelligence. Fry is currently a Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab located on the main campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he works in the Software Agents Group and working in the following areas of Goal Driven Unser Interfaces, Natural Language Understanding, Common Sense Reasoning and Artificial Language Design. Prior to joining MIT, Fry was the Chief Scientist and Founder of Clear Methods, Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he manages all aspects of product development. He is the co-inventor of Water language and ConciseXML. Fry was the architect and major contributor to the development of several software languages. He has also authored numerous related publications in the Journal Communications of the ACM.

Fry language development experience includes Macintosh Common Lisp, Dylan, and a knowledge representation language while at BBN. He has also designed languages for describing musical scores. His previous technology leadership experience includes positions at Bowstreet, MIT PowerScout, where he was CTO, Harlequin, Coral Software, BBN and IBM Corporation.


Mike Little
Software Development Expert
Sr. Advisory Board Member

mike_little_jan_2011Mike Little is Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. A father of four children, Little brings a wealth of leadership experience in both software development and technical sales including over 26 years of successful executive leadership roles.

Most recently, Little joined Ciber Inc., Greenwood Village, Colorado, as Field Technical Sales Specialist. Prior to Ciber, Little was with IBM Corporation, Armonk, New York, as Field Technical Sales Specialist. Prior to IBM Corporation, Little spent several years at Sun Microsystems, and during his tenure there as Director of Software Development, he was responsible for managing a team of 80+ software development engineers.

Little completed a program in electronics from SouthWest Institute of Technology in Austin, Texas.

Mike Little has several honors and awards:

IBM Corporation:
2006- Field Technical Specialist of the Year

Sun Microsystems:
2002 – Chairman’s Award for Innovation

U.S. Patents:
6,678,639 Automated problem identification system
7,100,082 Check creation and maintenance for product knowledge management
7,100,083 Check for product knowledge automation engine
7,146,535 A system for creating and editing checks for knowledge automation engine


Toby Muresianu
Vice President Software Application Development
Sr. Advisory Board Member

advisory_board_toby_m_jan_2011Toby Muresianu is an Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. Muresianu currently works as an independent software developer specializing in phone applications and web development.

Muresianu led the ESC-6 project team to develop The Emergency Standard Card applications for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Google Android. Muresianu also lead the ESC-6 project team to develop the ICE Standard Application for Smart Phone Application for Microsoft Windows Phone 7, and the KOL Application for BlackBerry Smart Phone.

Muresianu was previously a Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation. Prior to that Muresianu worked at CyberCamps managing technical education program for children.

Muresianu received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and psychology from Brown University.


Meng Sung
Vice President of Information Data Management
Sr. Advisory Board Member

msMeng Sung is a Sr. Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. Sung is currently a Technology Coordinator at one of the largest design firms in the world, Gensler. She works with the Firmwide Technology division team that manages global Firmwide Technology Resources for the firm. Her past includes working as an Executive and marketing Assistant for various Executive Directors at AgeSong (Assisted Living Facilities) and as a Project Coordinator for eda, design professionals (Civil Engineering, Planning and Surveying Firm). Her areas of expertise include creating digital forms, understanding workflow, and obtaining efficient business practices.

Sung has further experience in marketing communications, technical writing and documentation, project management, project research, and exploring end-user experiences and relationships.

Sung holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of San Francisco in Information Systems. She graduated with the Dean’s recognition.


Dr. Sam Song Liang
Senior Executive Advisory Board Member

aloharmobilesamliangDr. Sam Song Liang is the CEO and Co-Founder of Alohar Mobile Inc., a mobile location based service company, based in Palo Alto, California. Before founding Alohar Mobile, Sam was the architect and lead of Google Location Server, which powers location services on thousands of mobile applications on spectrum of mobile platforms, including Google Android and iOS. Sam also architected Google’s location API and Google Latitude.

Sam holds a number of patents in wireless and mobile technologies. Sam has a Ph.D in EE from Stanford University, specialized in Internet Systems. He also has MS in Computer Science from the University of Arizona and BS in Computer Science from Peking University.


David Zheng
Senior Executive Advisory Board Member

zheng_david_portraitDavid Zheng is a Product Design Engineer from Stanford University who currently serves as agency President at Odysseus Arms, a San Francisco-based creative agency. He was brought on to pioneer user-centered design in an unconventional space as well as to re-think the role of a creative firm in a changing technology landscape.

Prior to spearheading business development at Odysseus Arms– David lead product development teams at Bailida International Group, growing multiple electronic product lines while authoring a number of intellectual property and utility patents for the company. He has additional experience working in finance, investment management, media engineering/production, international trade, Mandarin/English language interpreting, broadcasting, and product design.

He is currently at the Stanford studying under IDEO + founder, David Kelley and many other notable faculty. They share the same mantras built around using design thinking to inspire multidisciplinary teams and preparing future innovators to be break through thinkers at the intersection of humans, business, design, and industry.


Alvin Lau
Senior Executive Advisory Board Member

alvin_lau_photoAlvin Lau is the Co-Founder of Alohar Mobile, Alvin is responsible for it’s business affairs, including business development and operations. Prior to Alohar Mobile, Alvin started up the Corporate Business Development Group at Dolby Laboratories, where he led the acquisitions of a number of technology companies. Alvin was also head of business development for two pioneering startup companies: Digital 5 (which developed Internet-Connected Consumer Electronics Software) and Enroute Imaging (which developed 360-Degree Imaging Technology now used in Google Street View). He started his career at Roberson Stephens & Company and Klige & Company (the private¬†equity and Venture Capital Arm of Metromedia Company).

Alvin has a MBA from Stanford Business School and an Engineering Degree from University of California Berkeley.